This is a small step-by-step walk through of how to feature a build. This means it will show you how to edit the page, what to edit, and how to save the page. I will use "Build:Any/any Example" as an example build.

If you know basic wiki editing and just want to know how to feature a build skip to here.

Note: The page is protected so that anonymous users and new users can't edit the page, this is to prevent vandalism. You need to be logged into an account that's at least 4 days old to edit the required page

Starting off

First thing you need to do is find a build you want to feature, you can feature the following kinds of builds:

  • Untested builds
  • Trial builds
  • Vetted builds that aren't trash

There should be a big tag at the top of each page, what stage in the Vetting process the build is, and tell you if it's a PvP or PvE build (it's important you know which it is, but it doesn't matter if it's both).

  • Note that if the build doesn't fall into any of the above 3 pages then it can't be featured/

To show you how it's done, "Build:Any/any Example" will be the demonstration build we are featuring (the build you want to feature should follow our naming policy ideally), and we'll assume it's an Untested PvP build.

What's next

After you've found the build you want, head over to Template:Featured builds. Here you will see a section entitled current

The Featured builds page with the "current" section highlighted

. This section shows you the currently featured builds, and is split into 6 sections (2 columns, one for PvE and PvP, with 3 sections: Tested, untested and trial).

Now that we've found which builds are currently featured in the area we want to feature our build, we need to check if there's room for us to feature ours. If there are less than 3 builds you can skip to the next step, if there are 3 builds there then keep reading.

You need to check all of the 3 builds that are currently featured to see if you can unfeatured one of them and put yours in instead. A build can be unfeatured if:

  • It was in the Untested section but the build is tested.
  • It was in Trial section but the build has been untested/tested
  • It was in the Trial or untested section and has been featured for (roughly) a week (7 days)
  • It was in the Tested section and the build has been put back into testing
  • It was in the Tested section and has been feature for (roughly) a week (7 days)

If none of the 3 builds in your section can be unfeatured then you'll have to wait and try again another day. If your build can be featured than continue reading.

In our example we want to feature "Build:Any/any Example" which is an "Untested PvP build". For arguments sake we'll say that "Build:Mo/W Stance WoH" (note that it won't have the "Build:" part, don't worry about that), in the screen shot, can be unfeatured.

Editing the page

Once you've found a build you can switch with yours, or if there's a free slot in the relevant section, you need to edit the Featured builds page, this is done by clicking the "edit" button at the top of the page (highlighted with a green box in the screen shot).

The "edit" button (highlighted with a green box) is found at the top of the page (highlighted with a red box)

Featuring your build

We are only interested in the bit of code at the very top of the edit window (the part highlighted with a red box in the screen shot), you shouldn't edit anything else.

The bit we want to edit is highlighted with a red box, you shouldn't edit anything else

In our example we want to replace "Mo/W Stance WoH" (an "Untested PvP build") with "Build:Any/any Example" (also an "Untested PvP build"). To do this we find the build we want to replace in the list (shown in the screen shot).

The build we want to replace (highlighted with a red box)

What it should look like afterwards

We then want to replace the "Mo/W Stance WoH" with "Any/any Example" shown in the screen shot.

  • Note that you don't need "Build:"

Finishing Touches

Now that we've done the hard part, we need to do a couple of things as a courtesy to our fellow users. The first thing we need to do is leave an edit summary, this is so people know which build we've replaced, and what we replaced it with.

Just below the edit window you will see a text box which says "Summary:" next to it. In this text box you should put ""Build replaced" switched with "Build featured"", so in our example it would be ""Mo/W Stance WoH" switched with "Any/any Example"", as seen in the screen shot.

Edit summary, Minor edit and save page

After you've filled out the edit summary, you want to check the box that says "Minor edit" (this just means you're only making a small change, so people can chose not to see it in recent changes). You can also chose to "watch" the page (this means if someone edits the page, you can see that the page has been edited, on you watchlist) but this isn't necessary. (you can see where the check boxes are located in the above screen shot)

Finally you want to save the page! (there's no point going throuh all that effort if you don't save it!) to do this just click the "Save page" button below the edit summary (you can see where the save page button is located in the above screenshot).

Featured tested builds

Tested builds have one additional step, that's to add the previously featured build to Past featured builds

That's it!

Give yourself a pat on the back, you've just featured a build!

Wait! It's not featured my build!

This could be because the page/server is cached. Your build will be featured if you wait a bit, for the server to catch up.