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About Me

I've been playing Guild Wars on and off for many years. I mostly enjoy playing PvE but sometimes play some types of PVP. I'm a bit of a synergy freak, so I enjoy reading the skills lists a lot, trying to find interesting combinations, and helping people improve their build ideas. Because I'm always buying new skills, armor and runes for new builds or characters, I'm basically always broke.

Although Guild Wars is the video game I play more often, I do play other video games as well. I have a Nintendo DS Lite, and I still like to play my Dreamcast now and then. Outside of video games, I also greatly enjoy boardgames, and I'm a huge music geek. Lately I've been trying to balance my video game playing time with other activities, especially reading books more often.

After a long hiatus, I started playing Guild Wars more often lately. I'll be on here more often as well but not sure if I will be doing much editing.

To Do Lists

Userpage To Do List:

  1. Take pictures of all characters.
  2. Add "Builds" section to page.

Guild Wars To Do List:

  1. Get to Bone Palace with my Monk to get Ancient armor.
  2. Finish leveling up my Dervish.
  3. Finish leveling up my Assassin.
  4. Charm and train a new pet for my Ranger
  5. Advance my Dervish far enough to get Asuran armor
  6. Find a nice scythe for my Dervish
  7. Get to Bone Palace with my Mesmer to get Ancient armor.
  8. Complete Nightfall with my Warrior.
  9. Complete Factions with my Necro.
  10. Complete the Titan Quests with my Warrior.

List of Weapon Skins I Want

Here are the weapon skins I am currently looking for, if you have any of these, please contact me to arrange a trade:

  1. Emblazoned Defender with a strength requirement YES!
  2. Zodiac Staff and/or Zodiac Scepter with a Blood Magic or Soul Reaping requirement
  3. Zodiac Daggers
  4. Steel Daggers (the gold skin)
  5. Wayward Wand a gold one with an inspiration requirement
  6. Frog Scepter with a mesmer requirement

A funny story about the Emblazoned Defender. I heard they are now dropping from the Zaishen Chest, so after drooling over screen shots of this shield some more, I played some AB and ended up with exactly 5,000 faction. Purchased my first ever Zaishen key and headed to the chest. What just so happens to drop? An Emblazoned Defender! With a Tactics requirement that is completely useless to me! Imagine the look on my face. Luckily I was able to sell it and purchase a strength one. :)

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