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You have an additional 13% chance to critical hit. Whenever you critical hit, you get 3 Energy.
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Critical Strike vs Death Blossom (Assuming 14 Dagger, 13 Critical)

Death Blossom Critical Strike

Critical Strike

  • 102 Damage, always. (Critical with dagger does 24 damage, +27 from skill, total 51, times 2)

Death Blossom

  • Death Blossom has an inherent 34.4% chance to crit on each hit
    • .344*24 (critical hit, 34.4% of the time) 8.256
    • .656*12 (non critical hit, 65.5% of the time) 7.872
      • Total damage per hit is (16.128+43)*2=118


  • Critical Strike gains 7 energy every time
  • Death Blossom on average crits 2/3 times you use the skill
    • Loss of ~3 energy per use


  • Death Blossom does 16 more damage to the target on average and has AoE, but costs about 3 energy per use. Can get lucky and deal significantly more da
    • Use Critical Strike to continually fuel 8r chains without having to wait for longer recharge energy skills such as Falling Lotus Strike
    • Use Death Blossom for more damage
  • Death Blossom is better if you have skills that boost critical chance, such as Critical Eye or Way of the Assassin.
  • It is also better in areas where AoE matters (PvE, HA).