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The honorable Grinch Necromancer was once an honorable PvE minion master. However, then Foul Feast got buffed and this little necromancer became an honorable TA balanced necromancer or a dishonorable RA/TA hexway necromancer.

His next foray? Tombs!

  • I'll do it later
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In order of usage:

  • Eat a dick
  • ZOMG Nothing!
Equipment Captured Elite Skills
  • Stop rushing me.
Blood Magic
Blood is Power Blood is Power
Lingering Curse Lingering Curse
Plague Signet Plague Signet
Death Magic
Tainted Flesh Tainted Flesh
No Attribute
Grenth's Balance Grenth's Balance

Blood Magic
Life Transfer Life Transfer
Offering of Blood Offering of Blood
Order of the Vampire Order of the Vampire
Soul Leech Soul Leech
Well of Power Well of Power
Feast of Corruption Feast of Corruption
Spiteful Spirit Spiteful Spirit
Wither Wither
Death Magic
Aura of the Lich Aura of the Lich
Virulence Virulence
Blood Magic
Cultist's Fervor Cultist's Fervor
Spoil Victor Spoil Victor
Vampiric Spirit Vampiric Spirit
Order of Apostasy Order of Apostasy
Soul Bind Soul Bind
Weaken Knees Weaken Knees
Death Magic
Animate Flesh Golem Animate Flesh Golem
Discord Discord
Soul Reaping
Icy Veins Icy Veins
Wail of Doom Wail of Doom
Blood Magic
Ravenous Gaze Ravenous Gaze
Corrupt Enchantment Corrupt Enchantment
Depravity Depravity
Pain of Disenchantment Pain of Disenchantment
Signet of Suffering Signet of Suffering
Death Magic
Contagion Contagion
Jagged Bones Jagged Bones
Order of Undeath Order of Undeath
Toxic Chill Toxic Chill
Soul Reaping
Reaper's Mark Reaper's Mark