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Images About Titles
"I'm the sexiest Grinch by a mile."

Grinch Ranger started life out as a very ugly, burly canthan man. He was large and most unsexy. He was so unsexy, in fact, that when he went out to battle and wave his de-sexing stick most unsexily, people on my team would just rage.

So the old Grinch Ranger was gotten rid of. Meet the new Grinch Ranger- PvP equipped in 2 days, at THK at level 3, and most certainly sexy. This little Grinch Ranger will see you in AB, crushing suxons.

  • I'll do it later
Builds Used Shopping List
  • Some barrage build
  • Soon to be added
Equipment Captured Elite Skills
  • To be added
Beast Mastery
Ferocious Strike Ferocious Strike
Escape Escape
Barrage Barrage
Wilderness Survival
Spike Trap Spike Trap
No Attribute
Quick Shot Quick Shot
Marksman's Wager Marksman's Wager
Oath Shot Oath Shot
Practiced Stance Practiced Stance
Crippling Shot Crippling Shot
Punishing Shot Punishing Shot
Wilderness Survival
Greater Conflagration Greater Conflagration
Incendiary Arrows Incendiary Arrows
Melandru's Arrows Melandru's Arrows
Melandru's Resilience Melandru's Resilience
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow
Beast Mastery
Enraged Lunge Enraged Lunge
Heal as One Heal as One
Lacerate Lacerate
Archer's Signet Archer's Signet
Glass Arrows Glass Arrows
Trapper's Focus Trapper's Focus
Broad Head Arrow Broad Head Arrow
Melandru's Shot Melandru's Shot
Wilderness Survival
Equinox Equinox
Famine Famine
Beast Mastery
Rampage as One Rampage as One
Strike as One Strike as One
Expert's Dexterity Expert's Dexterity
Infuriating Heat Infuriating Heat
Burning Arrow Burning Arrow
Prepared Shot Prepared Shot
Wilderness Survival
Quicksand Quicksand
Scavenger's Focus Scavenger's Focus
Smoke Trap Smoke Trap
No Attribute
Magebane Shot Magebane Shot