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Currently, to keep builds to a high standard, PvX assumes that players have access to certain things. This is expressed in PvX:WELL, but I feel a list of both official requirements and unwritten "de-facto" requirements may be handy. These lists are applicable to all gameplay types, but there are additional guidelines for each area.

All Areas

  • All Campaigns and Expansions Owned
  • Level 20
  • All 200 Attribute Points
  • All Skills Available
  • All evolutions of at least one pet (preferably the Racing Beetle due to its higher attack speed) are expected to be available (for relevant builds).
  • All Equipment Available
  • All Secondary Professions available.


  • PvE does not require that the player re-roll their primary to be more effective in General or Farming PvE. However, any build stored with a specific primary must use that primary effectively in some manner.
    • A 7-hero team is presumed to be supporting the player in many of the General cases, as PuGs logically should choose the more effective profession when given the choice. Any areas where PuGs are worthwhile have enough players to support this choice.
    • This exception is ignored entirely for build options that would fail to function usefully on a given primary (ex. a warrior healer). In a 7-hero team, the player must be able to perform the job better than heroes could. A farming build should be profitable despite profession disadvantages.
    • This is less definitive than the other guidelines. Unanimous consensus has not been reached on what level of secondary profession dependence is considered appropriate.
  • All in-game heroes available
*Zei Ri and Miku are only available at the effective end of Guild Wars content, thus hero team builds are given some leniency for not taking their existence into account. It is recommended that any build that requires them have a suitable variant for those who would use the build before completing Winds of Change.
  • PvE builds are designed with Hard Mode in mind. Exceptions exist for farming certain items and running where HM would be unjustifiable.
    • Slaver's Exile sub-dungeons are not required to be completed in Hard Mode to receive credit for the related quest or the Master Dungeon Guide.
    • Domain of Anguish individual areas are not required to be completed in Hard Mode to fight Mallyx in Hard Mode.
  • PvE Title tracks are not required to be at any specific level across all builds.
    • Some builds do require a minimum rank in a title track to function, usually to be able to maintain certain skills. This is generally noted on the build when relevant.
  • Consumables may be required for SC, farming, or dungeon running builds, with the assumption that profits will outweigh the consumable costs. They are not required for any general PvE builds.
  • Requirements below 9 on weapons/offhands are generally not expected for PvE equipment, although they are readily obtainable with some searching.


  • PvP builds assume both the opposing players and team members are at similar levels of competence.
    • If your team is far worse than the opposing team or vice versa, it does not matter what you run. You will generally lose and win, respectively, in those cases.
  • Builds are expected to use the best primary profession for their role in all cases.
  • Low req weapons/offhands (mostly Tactics shields) are expected. Only exceedingly rare equipment (double vamp) is not listed (and is generally irrelevant anyway).