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This guide has no status!
Please provide the status in the template.

This guide has been written for the following use:



{{User:Toraen/Guide Template|status=X|link=source|linkname=source page name|Type1|Type2|Type3|etc.}}

Keyword arguments:

  • status: required. Possible values:
    • draft: for in-progress guides
    • complete: for guides that are finished and accepted by the pvxwiki community
    • archived: for guides that are no longer recommended
  • link: optional. If the guide is from another website, provide the link here to the original.
    • Only use guides from other sites with permission of the author to release it to PvXwiki. Any guide reposted to PvXwiki without permission will be removed.
  • linkname: optional. If a source link was provided, this can be provided to name the source webpage. Otherwise "this page" will be displayed.
  • reason: required if status is archived.
  • date: required if status is archived. Should be the date that the guide was archived.

Positional arguments:

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The PvXwiki community recommends this guide.
It is considered complete. For major changes, please leave feedback on the talk page first.

This guide originated outside PvXwiki. It was hosted at Google.

This guide has been written for the following use: