Channel your inner Ranger to farm some Gargoyles for Granite Slabs and other generic drops. Includes a boss that can be farmed for elite tomes (Monk, Mesmer or Elementalist random spawn). Singed Gargoyle Skulls are also a Nicolas the Traveler item.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of Dervish enchantments is reduced by 64%.
In PvE, gain +16 armor rating while enchanted.
Template code

Variant for Vow of Piety:

  • Signet of Mystic Speed to make fitting in the Dwarven Stability cast easier. You will not be able to safely block the Elementalist boss in this case (due to Whirlwind chipping past Intimidating Aura), so ignore it if it spawns.
    • If you do not care about killing any boss, just replace "Finish Him!" to maintain a safe-as-possible run.


  • 1 Rune of Superior Vigor
  • 1 Rune of Superior Mysticism
  • 1 Rune of Minor Wind Prayers
  • 2 Runes of Vitae
  • 1-handed weapon of Enchanting
  • Shield of Fortitude
  • Windwalker's Insignia (if using Drunken Master)


  • This farm is done in Hard Mode.
  • Vow of Piety + Extend Enchantments > Intimidating Aura just before the first group.
  • Maintain Vow of Silence while heading up to the groups at the top of the temple.
  • Once you have aggro, go down the stairs on the other side and block the boss in on one of the broken parts of the stairs while getting the rest of the enemies into a ranged ball.
  • On your next refresh of Vow of Silence, first cast Dwarven Stability.
  • Start casting Winnowing, and use Whirling Defense as you finish the spirit.
  • Once the boss drops below 50% use "Finish Him!". Wait for Whirling Defense to then finish it off and grab the boss drop.
  • Head back to the ball of non-boss gargoyles.
  • Use the same strategy to kill the ball. "Finish Him!" can be used to kill a straggler if there are any.
  • Pick up the ball's drops and resign.


  • Latency can easily end a run due to the tight window for recasting Vow of Silence. Consider the Signet of Mystic Speed variant if you are getting hexed when trying to recast Vow of Silence.
  • Getting fully body blocked before achieving full aggro.