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  • Faster raptor farmers
  • Leeching is pretty lol anyway

Make huge shadowsteps to easily get multiple shrines in a run.

Skills and Attributes

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1st Optional: Must be a non-stance IMS

  • Armor of Mist : Best choice for E/A.
  • Mindbender : Good option with a high Asura Rank
  • Illusion of Haste : May be workable for Me/A, cripple reduction runes would be a good idea.
  • Signet of Mystic Speed : Best choice for D/A, and may be best for primary Assassins.
  • "Make Haste!" : If running with a partner, use this.
  • Any non-stance IMS.

2nd Optional:

  • Death's Charge : Jump through most of a mob.
  • "I Am Unstoppable!" : if you need to run through spiders (Warriors and the slower Permas).
  • A second run stance
    • Natural Stride
    • Dark Escape
  • Feigned Neutrality : Self heal


  • A weapon with +20% Enchanting is recommended.
  • Lower energy professions may want to use a staff.
  • Have your Asuran Title active for the additional energy.


  • Use Dwarven Stability, Dash, and any other speed boost you brought to run.
  • Use Ebon Escape and Return to step to NPCs/other runners and save time.

Route (Sliver Farmers)

  • Get blessing from the shrine next to town, run to (1). Don't endanger your farmer in any way.
  • After stepping to the Asura at (1), use Shadow Meld on him.
  • Continue past (2) to (3). At the beginning of the bridge, there will be a rock to the right side. Stop and stand next to it. Getting the right spot will take practice.
  • Based on your farmer's speed, choose a time to activate Shadow of Haste (under Dwarven Stability), and continue running to (3). Do not cancel Shadow of Haste; use only your non-stance IMS. However, save your non-stance IMS until you reach the end of the bridge so you can avoid the simian group easily.
  • Once you get to (3) and 25 kills are reached, grab the bonus and cancel Shadow of Haste. If you got the spot right, you will end up at the end of the bridge next to (2). Grab the bonus from (2) and continue running to (1).
  • Once you are within compass range of (1), cast Shadow of Haste, drop Shadow Meld, and grab the bonus at (1).
  • If there is still time, cancel SoH and run to (4), (5), and (6) and grab those bonuses. Avoid the Cloudtouched Simians.

Route (Warriors and Dervishes)

  • Cast SoH upon zoning.
  • Get blessing from the shrine next to town.
  • Cancel SoH and run to the shrine next to the mission marker on this map. Be wary of the spiders who can cast Snaring Web ("I Am Unstoppable!" is recommended).
  • Grab the bonus once the raptor nestlings are dead.
  • You are done.


  • Be wary of Angorodons when running solo.
  • Never get too close to a Ferothrax without an IMS.
  • There is a group of Cloudtouched Simians near 5 on the map. They can be avoided if you wait or go around.
  • On the way to 6, there is a group of spiders. If you plan on getting this far, bring IAU!.