I wish I had an HA team. Vincent002.png Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] 17:59, 13 August 2015 (UTC)

I usually spend all my limited free time playing with my SO and she's very non-PvP. Can maybe join at some point if we make some sillier theorycraft. Was hard enough to make her play LoL and HS (it took months for her to accept that conceding a lost game is acceptable). It's not so bad when I get to make 2 people's builds and the entire world is my HA.. Besides, heroes don't complain when I go fight Mantle with Lacerate + EoE. --DANDY ^_^ -- 06:37, 14 August 2015 (UTC)

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Assassin - Vincent E V A N Warrior - Relentless Vincent Monk - Vincent The Acolyte Ranger - Vincent Eurostomper Ritualist - Vince W
Dervish - Staggering Vincent Mesmer - Vince Reloaded Paragon - Vincent Ve Ri Ta S Necromancer - This Goes To Matt Elementalist Sifu Vincent Evan
Monk - A Papaya In There (Pre) Asterisk.png - S O C I A L I S M (PvP) Asterisk.png - Arrogant Bad Player (PvP)
Asterisk.png - Deadly/Enraged/Divine/Savage/Shamanic/Pious/Esoteric/Strident/Anguished/Attuned Vincent(PvP)

Spell Breaker Blood Is Power Shadow Form Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Destructive Was Glaive Spirit Rift Splinter Weapon Resilient Weapon Wielder's Boon Soothing Memories Life Dash
Eviscerate Cruel Spear Empathic Removal Mirror of Ice Mind Shock Restore Condition Word of Healing Icy Shackles
Optional Blurred Vision Shard Storm Ice Spikes Maelstrom Glyph of Lesser Energy Water Attunement "Fall Back!"
Avatar of Balthazar Invoke Lightning Energy Surge Word of Healing Optional Optional Optional Optional
Xinrae's Weapon Renewing Surge Lamentation Resilient Weapon Wielder's Boon Anguished Was Lingwah Glyph of Lesser Energy Bloodsong
Gust Weapon of Warding Resilient Weapon Wielder's Boon Protective Was Kaolai Life Glyph of Lesser Energy Ice Prison
Eviscerate Mind Blast Crippling Shot Word of Healing Optional Optional Optional Optional
Offering of Blood Strip Enchantment Resilient Weapon Weapon of Warding Weapon of Shadow Protective Was Kaolai Life Flesh of My Flesh
"Coward!" Mind Blast Energy Surge Word of Healing Optional Optional Optional Optional
Backbreaker Backbreaker Earth Shaker Infuriating Heat Soul Twisting Peace and Harmony Ether Prism Ether Prism
Optional Cry of Frustration Diversion Optional Ether Feast Shatter Enchantment Power Drain Optional
Air of Disenchantment Frustration Illusion of Pain Optional Optional Signet of Humility Power Drain Shield Bash
Migraine Frustration Wastrel's Demise Power Spike Cry of Frustration Leech Signet Optional Optional