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>suggesting water is good? I only see it fucking rangers. The recharges on the snares are pretty meh, and damage is low. Will give Illusion mes a go, though there's less choice of good rupts =/~ӍiñonCrysig.jpg 07:27, 29 April 2012 (UTC)

Blurred fucks any physical. Think of it as a permanent Guardian on the target they're attacking. Snaring something getting trained by a melee will generally fuck them (kite and eat a million crits, stand still and eat every attack) or even someone so they can't dodge the earth projectiles/kite shockwave. On the other hand, snaring an opposing melee trying to reach a target can just leave them stood turning around in the middle of the arena.
Rust Shard Storm Optional Blurred Vision Glowing Ice Optional Water Attunement Resurrection Signet
Mirror of Ice Mirror of Ice or Mind Freeze (PvP) Mind Freeze (PvP) Means you have 2 snares, MoI is double-cast + nearby range, so lol, and Mind Freeze is just generally obnoxious as fuck. Probably take AoR in second optional, but you can always take a defensive skill instead; I like Shield of Force/AoS. (Just don't get stripped and Glowing Ice dshot.) PeW :> 13:37, 29 April 2012 (UTC)
divine healing and its copy are godawful, they're only worth it in 8 man arenas (and even then, they're so bad they've only seen use on smite bars most of the time). they don't trigger divine favor heals on anyone except monk, and the base heal amount is a joke on wheels. literally the only upside is the energy cost, but it's low because the skill bites. trying to alleviate pressure from 4 people degenning out to hexes/poison/other gay shit with divine healing is a losing battle. might as well take a real heal and get the job done. -Auron 14:25, 29 April 2012 (UTC)