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somebody catch me up on stuff I need to know please =). ~ PheNaxKian talk 10:03, 10 July 2011 (UTC)

Curse apparently added some restrictions for new users. Other than that, things have been pretty quiet. -- Toraen talk 19:14, 10 July 2011 (UTC)

is the IP address of the server? I am confuzzled--Relyk 02:10, 20 July 2011 (UTC)

please tell me this is a joke that i'm not understanding. Danny 06:55, 20 July 2011 (UTC)
@Relyk. w: is local host/home IP address (it's a reserved IP address that referees to the terminal you're using).
@Danny not that I know, but curse have been playing about with things (I don't know what with yet as i've been busy but i'll find out). ~ PheNaxKian talk 16:40, 20 July 2011 (UTC)
I was referring to Relyk asking about what was. I figured that was common knowledge to anyone with more than a year of internet experience. Danny 15:18, 21 July 2011 (UTC)
Relyk* -- Chieftain Alex Sig.jpg Chieftain Alex 15:35, 21 July 2011 (UTC)
Referring to the blocking; I never knew or needed to know what the IP address meant since I use a router. still a fail on my part.--Relyk 00:14, 22 July 2011 (UTC)

re: IRC / GW:User_talk:Dr_ishmael/Gw.dat

Yes, it is safe. I use it routinely to grab the icons for new items. —Dr Ishmael Diablo the chicken.gif 23:52, 26 July 2011 (UTC)

Again, replying to IRC that I missed (/sigh). The ATEXReader.exe is for converting *.atex files to *.png. That's anything that GWUnpacker sorts into the gwdat/ATEX/DXT# folders.
If you're using the version that I sent you, then it's probably not writing those files - I modified the code to skip everything except FFNA and "Unsorted" files to make it run faster. Here I've added a "-complete" version that I recompiled with all file outputs enabled. —Dr Ishmael Diablo the chicken.gif 01:22, 30 July 2011 (UTC)
Why not just use a flag instead of having two alternates of the same exe? Disclaimer: Not my code, of course, so feel free to ignore this shit. Danny 03:57, 30 July 2011 (UTC)
@Dr Ish. Thanks, at first I thought it just checked the ffna files to see which ones were ATEX files and uncompressed and converted them at the same time (being as FFNA is a type of archive I believe). I'll grab the new version and give it a shot =D!
@Danny I've not looked into the code myself, I believe it's because the process probably reads and uncompress (see: Creates) the file at the same time, so there's no real way of knowing what it is until it's created (though I could be talking out of my ass). Though the source is available so you can have a look if you get bored =p. ~ PheNaxKian talk 10:59, 30 July 2011 (UTC)
I just meant about the output - allowing you to select which file-types you want out probably wouldn't be too hard. 'Course, I have absolutely no intention of actually looking into it at all myself. Danny 16:49, 2 August 2011 (UTC)
Ah. Well currently there's no GUI at all (it's all done from command line via command line arguments). Plus i don't care enough to do it anyway (being as it only takes maybe 5 or 10 mins to unpack anyway (for me at least)). ~ PheNaxKian talk 16:55, 2 August 2011 (UTC)

Come back Phen come back, where did you goooooooooooo --Bumbletalk 22:06, 28 July 2011 (UTC)

Builds and Template Codes

User:Vincent_E_V_A_N/Builds_and_Temp_Codes Here you go, Phen. All of them are broken. Even ones with just one (PvP) skill. Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 22:24, 12 August 2011 (UTC)

I was hoping it all worked out so we could focus on getting asirra up next :( -- Toraen talk 04:19, 13 August 2011 (UTC)
I can sort Asirra out easy enough it should only take a couple of mins (though it'll have to wait till Monday as I don't think I can push things on weekends) ~ PheNaxKian talk 11:20, 13 August 2011 (UTC)
D/any Onslaught Dervish is broken as well. I think onslaught is the problem--TahiriVeila 03:00, 2 September 2011 (UTC)
Still not fixed PvP skills is why =p. ~ PheNaxKian talk 16:59, 2 September 2011 (UTC)


Can you lock my userpage (or creation of my userpage) before it is made (don't start it!!)? After the amount my last one got fucked with... Rawr 08:27, 25 August 2011 (UTC)

Extension Files

Updated all of them. The only change I made to gwbbcode was spawning power's duration effect (0.02 -> 0.04). -- Toraen talk 21:45, 13 September 2011 (UTC)

cool. I'll grab it now and tomorrow (provided I don't pass out the moment I get in) I'll check every thing's OK on dev and then see if it can get pushed live. ~ PheNaxKian talk 22:21, 13 September 2011 (UTC)

Do you or Toraen know why click the "next 200" button in the archived builds section doesn't work anymore?--TahiriVeila 21:22, 2 October 2011 (UTC)

I noticed that as well--Relyk 21:27, 2 October 2011 (UTC)
friad not. I'll talk to someone at curse tomorrow and see if they've played around with settings or something. ~ PheNaxKian talk 23:07, 2 October 2011 (UTC)


Hello! I want to thank you for everything you have done for the PvX Wiki. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Tesla, a wiki manager for Curse. The reason I am posting on your talk page is for some feedback. I was hoping you could tell me if there was something you would like to see on the wiki or if you think there is something we could do to help improve the quality of our service to the community. If you have any ideas at all, please feel free to stop by on my talk page and leave me your thoughts. Thank you! DjTesla 06:08, 28 October 2011 (UTC)

Maf's ban

I thought 1RR applied after a user reverted something they'd ALREADY reverted, not just reverting something that had already been reverted. At least, that's how it used to be enforced. Regardless, Q_Q Danny 01:03, 3 November 2011 (UTC)

Reverting something he knew he shouldn't have been reverting might have had something to do with it. --Jai. - 01:26, November 3 2011 (UTC)
Skakid derserved it moreso for repeated trolledits. 02:09, 3 November 2011 (UTC)
Do not re-revert, do not re-re-revert, do not re-re-re-revert.--Relyk 03:28, 3 November 2011 (UTC)
What Reylk said. I banned him because the reverting was getting ridiculous. Not so much the fact the edit was troll edit. [ ~ PheNaxKian talk 16:56, 3 November 2011 (UTC)
I miss the old days when we worked around 1RR by calling in circle-jerks to revert for us. Danny 18:42, 4 November 2011 (UTC)

Wait, what? You're removing someone's comments and getting at me for it? Maf shouldn't have kept the rv war going, but NEITHER SHOULD YOU, Mr. IP. Learn the fucking rules. — skakid 19:12, 4 November 2011 (UTC)

lol? the message was "shut the fuck up" to a curse admin; does that sound appropriate to you?~ӍiñonCrysig.jpg 19:42, 4 November 2011 (UTC)
Who cares? Do we have a PvX:Inappropriate? — skakid 19:45, 4 November 2011 (UTC)
We don't have PvX:TROLL either, but you still get banned for idiocy. ~ӍiñonCrysig.jpg 19:47, 4 November 2011 (UTC)
Skadid, there are many things we don't have, that only means we have to use our common sense and DON'T DO IT ANYWAY! Shadow 19:51, 4 November 2011 (UTC)
Why would you default to censoring things when there's no precedent?
I realize it's a troll comment, however this doesn't mean anything.
It should've been marked unsigned and left there.
Should I go around removing your guys' pointless comments because they're "just trolling"? No, thats fucking retarded. — skakid 20:00, 4 November 2011 (UTC)
shut the fuck up
What Jai said :P Shadow 20:27, 4 November 2011 (UTC)

Cleaning up images

Do you (or anyone else I guess) care if I just delete any uncategorized images that aren't used anywhere? Also, can I have a bot account? I was thinking of reviving Auto-Toraen so I don't have to flood RC. -- Toraen talk 19:39, 5 November 2011 (UTC)

I can't help but notice that we currently have no category for profession icons (all the tango profession icons that we use in the pvx skillbars are uncategorised) - so don't delete without moving those first :) if you suggest a category name I'll go find them and move them if you like. Chieftain Alex Sig.jpg Chieftain Alex 20:30, 5 November 2011 (UTC)
look at the tags we have. one of them will apply. Also I'm a bit mixed with this idea Toraen. That'll leave a lot of red links. Just because some thing's uncategorised doesn't mean it isn't used... ~ PheNaxKian talk 21:53, 5 November 2011 (UTC)
AFAIK, toraen's saying only images that aren't liked anywhere would be deleted. --Jai. - 22:17, November 5 2011 (UTC)
considering he linked to uncategorised instead of unused files, as well as not mentioning that it'd only be the unused ones, I'm inclined to disagree. ~ PheNaxKian talk 23:06, 5 November 2011 (UTC)
"That aren't used anywhere". Eh... Only one way to read that. ~ӍiñonCrysig.jpg 23:16, 5 November 2011 (UTC)
how did I not see that. Special:UnusedFiles is what you want. again, be careful though, some usages aren't checked (i.e. .JS and .CSS pages that reference the image won't be picked up because they're not technically "using" it). I'll flag Auto Toraen as a bot now. ~ PheNaxKian talk 23:24, 5 November 2011 (UTC)
May I inquire as to what a bot account does? Allows edits without notifying anyone? ~ӍiñonCrysig.jpg 23:52, 5 November 2011 (UTC)
marks edits and what not as bot ones, which are hidden in RC by default (There's a link to see them if you're desperate to see a wall of edits by one "user"). They also have higher limits/throttles (you probably won't notice them except for maybe moving stuff a lot where the wiki will just tell you to stop or something..) ~ PheNaxKian talk 23:58, 5 November 2011 (UTC)

Ugh, I check whether the uncategorized files are linked or not before deleting, and that was my intention for this. The point of linking to uncategorized was that I want to clear out unneeded junk before doing actual tagging work (that can't be easily automated). Oh, also, I just realized that Auto-Toraen will need to be merged into my account so I can actually recreate it. KJ was the one who made it on wikia, so I can't reclaim it. If that's too much trouble/impossible I'll come up with another name. -- Toraen talk 23:58, 5 November 2011 (UTC)

Merged accounts. Also, you may as well use unused files instead, as any unused files in uncategorised files will show up in unused anyway. ~ PheNaxKian talk 17:55, 6 November 2011 (UTC)
Ok, remade account. Sorry for forgetting! -- Toraen talk 18:13, 6 November 2011 (UTC)
np, only takes 2 seconds to merge accounts. Made the bot a bot and admin (so it can actually delete). ~ PheNaxKian talk 18:29, 6 November 2011 (UTC)
Thanks! For now I'll just be doing manual cleaning through it, since curse hasn't gotten back to me on AutoWikiBrowser (it works for Guildwiki, oddly enough). -- Toraen talk 18:38, 6 November 2011 (UTC)

The new anti-spam chit instead of captcha

Is fucking amazing. Cheers. ~Jake

You just realized this? Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 22:19, 10 November 2011 (UTC)
He's right though. kitties so cute. --Jai. 20:51, 14 November 2011 (UTC)

Extension files

Have you had a chance to look at the revisions I have up? It's been a while since we've done anything with them. -- Toraen talk 02:05, 14 November 2011 (UTC)

didn't know you'd put anything up. I'll have a look. ~ PheNaxKian talk 16:56, 14 November 2011 (UTC)
so i've made the changes and they're on the dev wiki, i just need to check nothing broke. Unfortunately I'm having a massive case of the dumb trying to get onto the dev wiki (I always do but more so today =/) so I need to wait for Bumble to be around to poke for help. ~ PheNaxKian talk 18:18, 14 November 2011 (UTC)


For paw-ned^2, All skill and item icons are property of ArenaNet and/or NCSoft, while all other images are licensed under the Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA. So, you tagged it correctly. :) Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 19:28, 15 November 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, I figured it was either ANet or CC-BY-NC-SA 2.5 (the wiki's license). I was just a bit unsure what with it being a screen shot =). ~ PheNaxKian talk 19:51, 15 November 2011 (UTC)

Email Verification

Email never shows up, checked trash/spam and I don't want to make a crappy gmail just for pvx x_x ApplesaucePancakes 07:28, 28 November 2011 (UTC)

Nothing I can do about it. ~ PheNaxKian talk 17:21, 28 November 2011 (UTC)
I believe Mailinator works, or rather know it does because I am using it. A new misery 17:22, 5 December 2011 (UTC)


Skakid Rally- kupo!S9M.png 23:35, 28 November 2011 (UTC)


Is your information on the administrator page current and do you still ever use it? A new misery 17:23, 5 December 2011 (UTC)

Yes to both. ~ PheNaxKian talk 18:51, 5 December 2011 (UTC)

I may be an idiot

and may need a copy of the latest gwbbcode.inc.php. I think my copy may be out of date. -- Toraen talk 07:57, 9 December 2011 (UTC)

it might just be me, but i feel like having ".inc.php" on a file is just plain silly. Danny 09:10, 9 December 2011 (UTC)
I don't understand that myself. Par for the course with this extension though. -- Toraen talk 09:29, 9 December 2011 (UTC)
Also, do you know what format the icons for sacrifice and exhaustion costs would need to be? Adding them shouldn't be too difficult if we know that (although I'll probably do it after we finally get the other changes working). -- Toraen talk 15:53, 9 December 2011 (UTC)
I belive they're png. However they get added elsewhere iirc. (some kind of template html page?).
Also I've had an e-mail from Wyn about the categories. Some guy has been looking into it and apprently there's something with our cutoms extension that's breaking it =x. Also some other guy e-mail'd a screen shot of some problem he was having (can't remember what his problem was off the top of my head). ~ PheNaxKian talk 12:40, 11 December 2011 (UTC)
that would be me emailing you that picture you requested should the error occur again. -- Chieftain Alex Sig.jpg Chieftain Alex 12:43, 11 December 2011 (UTC)

Nevermind about needing the latest gwbbcode file. However, stuff is in the box and may be relevant to your interests. -- Toraen talk 05:40, 12 December 2011 (UTC)

Zzz. How long has fast casting been fixed and leadership disabled? Could have sworn it wasn't yesterday. I guess my gwbbcode file IS still out of date. -- Toraen talk 04:34, 13 December 2011 (UTC)


Just a note to say I'm going to be hard to get hold of for a day or two. Phone line at home is dead so I don't have internet access (currently leeching off uni internet but I have my placement during the week so I can't get into uni to steal it until inter webs at home is fixed). ~ PheNaxKian talk 12:40, 11 December 2011 (UTC)

User Merge

Do you know if it properly transfers votes? -- Toraen confer 08:48, 4 January 2012 (UTC)

No idea. ~ PheNaxKian talk 17:19, 4 January 2012 (UTC)


Check this out pl0x rąʂKƴɖooƿɭɘş 08:51, 4 January 2012 (UTC)

seen it before. ~ PheNaxKian talk 17:19, 4 January 2012 (UTC)
I've seen you before. Happy administrator appreciation day. I'd do you. rąʂKƴɖooƿɭɘş 00:50, 5 January 2012 (UTC)

How long?

Will it take for us to see the proper skill description. With all these new builds, it is horrific to constantly heck wiki. Shadow Honor The Elementalists! 08:58, 8 January 2012 (UTC)


Are you back in school? Got any free time on the weekends to hang out? :< rąʂKƴɖooƿɭɘş 11:23, 8 January 2012 (UTC)

I'm back at my placement, yeah. Depends when, but generally Saturday's, why? ~ PheNaxKian talk 12:06, 8 January 2012 (UTC)
frost maws! rąʂKƴɖooƿɭɘş 12:58, 8 January 2012 (UTC)


Did the admins become strict again? Suddenly bans are flying left and right again. Not that I think it's a bad thing, it just gets real quiet this way. 21:24, 10 January 2012 (UTC)

doesn't matter to me, if their lax people won't respect them as authority. the stigma of pvx being a chuck e cheese while 2 birthdays are going on has been kinda meh. so.. keep up the work :p do whatcha gotta do. /shrug/ Akio_Katsuragi Akio Katsuragi Sig2.jpg 21:28, 10 January 2012 (UTC)

Silence is a beautiful thing. Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 21:30, 10 January 2012 (UTC)

silent +1 Akio_Katsuragi Akio Katsuragi Sig2.jpg 21:33, 10 January 2012 (UTC)
Makes recent changes hawks die out. Chieftain Alex Sig.jpg Chieftain Alex 21:42, 10 January 2012 (UTC)
The rules are always in place, but they don't always need to be enforced. — Skakid Rally- kupo!S9M.png 22:05, 10 January 2012 (UTC)
ma'am.. it wasn't rape, you were dressed like a whore. there's nothing we can do. Akio_Katsuragi Akio Katsuragi Sig2.jpg 22:25, 10 January 2012 (UTC)
To be honest, I have always had a pretty high bans per month rate whenever I am active. I just wasn't active. That's probably a pretty major difference. A new misery 22:31, 10 January 2012 (UTC)
Speaking of banning, I probably should change my vote on that Gust bar, shouldn't I? Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 23:11, 10 January 2012 (UTC)
I just removed it. You can revote whenever without the poor reasoning. A new misery 17:33, 11 January 2012 (UTC)


(Block log); 17:17 . . Phenaxkian (Talk | contribs | block) unblocked #995 (I'm willing to give the benifit of the doubt that this was a mistake. )

Be cool if you could be a bit more specific. Unblocking completely removes all log entries relating to that block containing the block number, so now I have no idea who you unblocked. Just you should probably mention specifically who you are unblocking when you unblock someone's IP. A new misery 17:33, 11 January 2012 (UTC)

Sorry, wasn't paying attention to what the log said. It was Herp, I banned him yesterday for a week for Copyvio, and after spending the majority of last night going back and forth with him via e-mail I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, and say it was an unintentional mistake on his part. ~ PheNaxKian talk 17:45, 11 January 2012 (UTC)


I'm working on a bot, that's going to go through all the currently vetted builds and put any builds with less than 5 votes into testing again. I have a feeling this is going to effect a large amount of pages, so thoughts? ~ PheNaxKian talk 23:06, 13 January 2012 (UTC)

Would it be possible to exclude meta pvp sections? I've a feeling that meta pvp bars will have practically zero votes on, and the bot will also churn up a load of unused pve farming builds (thats ok) Chieftain Alex Sig.jpg Chieftain Alex 23:16, 13 January 2012 (UTC)
yes, I thought that part through =p. ~ PheNaxKian talk 23:34, 13 January 2012 (UTC)
Agreed. Prevents people from QQing about ratings in the future and good time since the ele update has come out.--Relyk 23:50, 13 January 2012 (UTC)


ATTENTION: Phen's wikifu makes me <sexual innuendo>chicken + butter</sexual innuendo>.

rąʂKƴɖooƿɭɘş 20:19, 18 January 2012 (UTC)


I'm not arguing, cuz honestly idr, but i swear i removed "mario's" mustache as to deal with copyright issues, if its still saved in your cache, just load it and tell me if i modified anything to the image, i swear i did. lol. update- actually Copyright violation: content was: "==Obv== Not Mario© proves i had removed his stache. darn, figured that would remove the violation, like the cheat code books changing colors of nintendo people and disfiguring them. damn. /shrug/ guess i lost. update 2- it proves i removed it, cuz i remember why i put that on there now about it not being mario. lol. to clarify. Akio_Katsuragi Akio Katsuragi Sig2.jpg 05:37, 19 January 2012 (UTC)

links to copyrighted material

aren't technically illegal as long as it's not the express purpose of the website. unless it's against policy. not to mention, you can "illegally" download a number of items as long as you remove them from your computer after a certain period of time as defined by U.S. law - it's considered some sort of "trial" period. it's how mp3boo and mp3crank continue to not be v&.

in other words, unless we have a distinct policy against linking to downloads of copyrighted material without the owner's permission, jake didn't really do anything wrong. Danny 10:38, 19 January 2012 (UTC)

We don't have a distinct policy against botting discussion either.--Relyk 11:56, 19 January 2012 (UTC)
I'm fairly sure some part of the EULA or terms of usage or w/e prohibit illegal activity. Botting isn't illegal, though, just forbidden in GW. As a Guild Wars wiki, we're expected to abide by GW rules, and that doesn't really even require reasoning. If someone gives a fuck, we could find out all the loopholes and make clear what we can do and what we can't, and what formalities are needed when we do so. --DANDY ^_^ -- 12:29, 19 January 2012 (UTC)
In regards to the botting, Dandy got it. The EULA covers that and if we want to remain a fansite we're not allowed to endorse/condone breaking that.
As for linking to copyright material, you're correct, however Jake linked to a torrent of the book which isn't freely available. As for the "you're allowed it for a certain period of time" that probably varies country to country, but I know here (the UK) the only time it's expectable is if you own a copy of said material (so i'm allowed a digital copy of a film/tape I own provided i don't distribute it, or keep it for an extended period of time).
That said, I'd be out of my damn mind if I let a link to a torrent site stay up when it's linking to copyrighted material. ~ PheNaxKian talk 16:52, 19 January 2012 (UTC)
I still wonder what the reason was behind it. If I need torrents, I can find them. Simple Shadow Blub, blub, where is the sea asked the captain. 18:24, 19 January 2012 (UTC)
Skakid isn't a google wizard! --DANDY ^_^ -- 20:34, 19 January 2012 (UTC)
Pretty sure that this conversation was boring. Mission control out. rąʂKƴɖooƿɭɘş 21:50, 19 January 2012 (UTC)
Nobody gave me the 7th edition, obviously I was competent enough to find the 6th. — Skakid Rally- kupo!S9M.png 02:11, 20 January 2012 (UTC)

Why did you ban me?

Phenaxkian (Talk | contribs) blocked Qwak (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of infinite (account creation disabled) (Trying to circumvent existing block)

I assume this is because I use TOR. I think I can prove i'm not not someone trying to get past a block though. I don't use TOR at work so I can post from there tomorrow and you can compare IP's. Qwak2 20:37, 25 January 2012 (UTC)

You sir are a cock. - Qwak
I agree with this - Qwak

Can you invoke the power of "no IP edits"

I thought you can for a while, since I think this ain't going to stop for a moment Shadow Talk 22:58, 25 January 2012 (UTC)

It's not necessary to go that far and would harm more than help. -- Toraen confer 23:01, 25 January 2012 (UTC)
Okay. There are more IPs that do good than that do harm, but these Quak guys are just childish and annoying Shadow Talk 23:03, 25 January 2012 (UTC)

All this drama

Thanks for all the reverts, Phen. I was just about to do it myself, but it's probably not best to wake up any sleeping dogs. Although, can I talk to you in-game or via msn? Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 23:06, 25 January 2012 (UTC)

Sure, would your rather in game or MSN? ~ PheNaxKian talk 23:08, 25 January 2012 (UTC)
MSN would be best. I won't take longer than five minutes. Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 23:08, 25 January 2012 (UTC)
Available via the PvX:ADMIN page ~ PheNaxKian talk 23:10, 25 January 2012 (UTC)
It shows you offline. When you're free, we can talk. Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 23:19, 25 January 2012 (UTC)
Nothing's popped up. You can send me an e-mail on the same address, or I can jump in game if it's only for 5 mins. ~ PheNaxKian talk 23:24, 25 January 2012 (UTC)
Second time I sent you a request. I'll just try to e-mail. Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 23:39, 25 January 2012 (UTC)
I'd like to add another thanks to keep my talk page proper too. I am going to sleep, so I will not be able to watch it. Protect pages if you want. Shadow Talk 23:09, 25 January 2012 (UTC)
np. ~ PheNaxKian talk 23:10, 25 January 2012 (UTC)

Dear Phen,

I'm sorry if I fill your website with Rask. If anything I hope it's an improvement upon those that have involuntarily left us. RąʂKɭɘş14/f/japan 02:13, 26 January 2012 (UTC)

P.S. Quak is pming people on gw trying to get derpcrew unbanned, no clue who he is, probably minion, might be herpderp. Just thought you should know. RąʂKɭɘş14/f/japan 04:35, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
even Cool Kids don't get unbanned. such silliness. if you can't do the time, don't do the crime! Danny 05:00, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
I get unbanned, but that's because of my little secret. RąʂKɭɘş14/f/japan 05:01, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
you mean that people forget about you, you start socking, eventually word gets out, and the admins decide to unban your main so you can stop socking and try to be a productive member for as long as your attention span will allow? ;o Danny 05:08, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
Pretty sure it's all those green mauls from frostmaws. RąʂKɭɘş14/f/japan 05:13, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
It'll be a lovely addition to my hammer ranger once I've customized it, I'll have you know. -- Toraen confer 05:18, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
Rangers are the worst XD! I'm going to do another frostmaws, want in? RąʂKɭɘş14/f/japan 05:31, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
God, I lol'd irl and it was pretty much like "AHAHAHAHHAHHAAAA!". So loud. --DANDY ^_^ -- 09:21, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
You should come on a run sometime too, it's quite fun (and free)! RąʂKɭɘş14/f/japan 10:54, 26 January 2012 (UTC)
MSN is Dandyel@windowslive.com ;> --DANDY ^_^ -- 12:10, 26 January 2012 (UTC)

PvXwiki:Curse noticeboard#Recent Ratings

I've uploaded a fix for the problem noted by Skakid. When you get the chance, see if you can get it pushed. -- Toraen confer 20:41, 2 February 2012 (UTC)

Oh, I should mention that both User Ratings and Recent Ratings were updated, and that I've uploaded the latest PvP skill icons and thumbnails. -- Toraen confer 20:28, 3 February 2012 (UTC)
Poke. Do you have time free to poke Curse about this? -- Toraen confer 19:14, 7 February 2012 (UTC)
Oh right! 2 seconds and I'll set it up. Not sure how long it'll be though (I'll try the fix for PvP skills at the same time) ~ PheNaxKian talk 20:29, 7 February 2012 (UTC)

Sup Phen

I decided to drop by for a while to quash my boredom. How would I go about updating skills for the database because it's been so long that I have no idea what to do! Frostels 19:08, 3 February 2012 (UTC)

There's a file on the PvX file share. Grab that, edit it, and re upload it, then poke me to poke Curse! ~ PheNaxKian talk 21:42, 3 February 2012 (UTC)


If you give it a template code with all non-PvP skills, but one or more have a PvP version, it'll spit out a build with (PvP) skills in it instead of the actual template you gave it. The template displayed under the build will also change. You can see this in action at the bottom of [[User:Toraen/Sandbox/gwbbcode]] or by putting Oghiwwh8EWFeTOpZGbYOOp2A into the special page. It spits OghiwwhMFWJ8M5INlxMMNORtB back out instead. -- Toraen confer 14:47, 14 February 2012 (UTC)

I get the feeling PvXdecode is separate to PvXBig. could be wrong but I'm far too lazy to dig around the code of PvXDecode.
I'll have a look at PvXBig later on again. See where stuff breaks (or doesn't work =x). ~ PheNaxKian talk 17:09, 14 February 2012 (UTC)
small problem. Curse is wanting to upgrade mediawiki to 1.18. Turns out our extension doesn't like that =x. As such all other changes are going to be on hold because there's no sorting them if the extension won't work... ~ PheNaxKian talk 00:28, 15 February 2012 (UTC)
Because Phen is busy on the Dev server, I was told that the issue where mediawiki 1.18 was breaking PvX has mostly been resolved, and it's now the ratings that's causing issues. Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 20:29, 21 February 2012 (UTC)
Well, as long as it's not gwbbcode messing things up I think we'll be ok. Pain in the ass to debug that thing. The rating stuff is simple by comparison at least. Also @phen: minor skill_db1 update in the box. -- Toraen confer 23:17, 21 February 2012 (UTC)


phen, when are you uploading an app to the app store/market for "Pocket PvX"? also, if it happens. i was the marketing pitch department leader. Akio_Katsuragi Akio Katsuragi Sig2.jpg 22:37, 14 February 2012 (UTC)

well you couldn't get me to go near Objective-C with a 10ft poll. As for everything else I have no intention of making an app as I see no need to do so.
Also, I'd feel horribly bad for putting a price on such an app =v. ~ PheNaxKian talk 00:30, 15 February 2012 (UTC)
How would an app be any different than using a browser akio?--Relyk 01:52, 15 February 2012 (UTC)
^ might as well just put together a proper mobile stylesheet. Danny 04:52, 15 February 2012 (UTC)
Relyk, i'll kill you. browser is annoying on phones unless they have mobile page. hate pinching the damn screen. Besides, aside from my comments on builds and the RANDOM vote, this is like facebook 2 for me. gotta keep up with gee dub homies. Akio_Katsuragi Akio Katsuragi Sig2.jpg 05:52, 15 February 2012 (UTC)
In gw2, there will be apps to create a social web of trolling so you can stalk your gee dub homies at any time. Which is a good thing, since pvx2 hasn't been elaborated on in months.--Relyk 06:01, 15 February 2012 (UTC)
PvX2 won't have to do with "build ideas" because builds are set in stone depending on race/profession/weapon. It'll just be a list of all the combinations and benefits/flaws each set has. RąʂKɭɘş14/f/japan 06:28, 15 February 2012 (UTC)


I just found another error in Recent/User Ratings (which I introduced, derp). See the entry for the IJAFW paragon in recent ratings for how dumb I am (wat mean urlencode). It's fixed in the box, and we might be able to push it since it's not gwbbcode related. Though they might just say no anyway. -- Toraen confer 17:35, 18 February 2012 (UTC)

Not 100% certain. Turns out the issue is more widespread than I thought. Basically mediawiki have removed some functionality that various extensions or parts of extensions use. So basically 4 files are effected (thankfully not the main gwbbcode file). However because I have no real idea of what that line really does, nor if the suggested alternative will work in this situation....anyway, I tried commenting said lines out (I don't think they're massively important...) and waiting for Curse to push it to Dev so I can check if things break without it. ~ PheNaxKian talk 17:45, 18 February 2012 (UTC)

[2] copyvio wat

not at all. Danny 02:53, 19 February 2012 (UTC)

it was a CoD or BF3 screen =v. ~ PheNaxKian talk 13:10, 19 February 2012 (UTC)
it was a screen of the CoD Elite website, nothing in-game. definitely not copyvio. Danny 20:09, 19 February 2012 (UTC)

GW2 Beta Sign up

https://beta.guildwars2.com/ gogogogogogogo ~ PheNaxKian talk 20:00, 22 February 2012 (UTC)

ty bro Shadow Umbra scriptor Disputatio 20:06, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
Saw it on Reddit. Ever since I stopped being a prick about gaming (outside of casual gaming, because Fuck Zynga), I've actually been looking forward to this. Hopefully, it won't let me down. Karate KJ for sig.png Jesus 22:52, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
JESUS IS ALIVE! Shadow Umbra scriptor Disputatio 22:53, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
Pfft. Bitch, I've always been alive. You know, except for those 3 days or so... Karate KJ for sig.png Jesus 22:54, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
(EC ×2)I signed up myself b/c why not? Also hi, it's been a while. :) -- Toraen confer 22:55, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
Exactly. Why not? And it has been a while. I've missed you, darling little Toraen. Karate KJ for sig.png Jesus 22:56, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
Had it coming too man, been passed out for several months in total too. Didn't know what was going around etc. Shadow Umbra scriptor Disputatio 22:57, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
You hated me for sure bra, Shadow Form Slayer or Shadow, doesn't matter, I've been hanging around your talk page for a loooooooooong time. Toraen took it over tho Shadow Umbra scriptor Disputatio 22:58, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
I don't remember hating anyone. I do become more bile-ishly worded when I meet dumbasses, though. But, to be fair, I've been a dumbass for years. Karate KJ for sig.png Jesus 23:00, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
We forgive you Jesus. Wait... Isn't jesus supposed to forgive us the whole time? Shadow Umbra scriptor Disputatio 23:02, 22 February 2012 (UTC)
hai KJ. ignore shadow, he's been rather eccentric lately. Need to sign up for beta when i get home.--Relyk 01:09, 23 February 2012 (UTC)
by "eccentric lately," you mean "retarded since the day we met him"? Danny 06:11, 23 February 2012 (UTC)
We had carnaval up till and including y-day, eccentric just means drunk in my case Shadow Umbra scriptor Disputatio 08:58, 23 February 2012 (UTC)

rate button


Hello Dandy. Allow me to attempt to calm you down with this chicken.
 (  3
I hope that helped. A new misery 12:00, 15 March 2012 (UTC)
I'll admit I was rather confused when trying to click rate I was hitting other stuff, I thought I was going mad. Then I looked and saw rate way over to the east. Surreal moment in my vast life. Frostels 12:49, 15 March 2012 (UTC)
We'll have to relearn our whole lives. --Jai. - 13:14, March 15 2012 (UTC)
Sorry guys but Mediawiki replaced the way you add stuff via extensions and I'll be damned if I can get the new version working. Tim (at Curse) also really wanted us to go live because we were the only wiki not upgraded, as such given that there was a suitable work around I took it! ~ PheNaxKian talk 17:42, 15 March 2012 (UTC)
You know what will happen now right Phen? You'll eventually figure out a work around, change it back to how it was, then everyone will rage at you because they got used to the new way. Me, I can't even say where the rate tab was before ^___________^ A new misery 17:47, 15 March 2012 (UTC)
Neither can I but when I instinctively go to click rate I hit edit/discussion, it must have been there somewhere! Not that I am all that bothered. Frostels 18:30, 15 March 2012 (UTC)

Did I ever say I love this site? Falrach 18:40, 15 March 2012 (UTC)

You don't just go about and fuck with a PvX'rs UI. You don't. --DANDY ^_^ -- 20:17, 15 March 2012 (UTC)
i've got it all planned out. I'll edit the site's CSS file and make the text bright green and the page neon pink! ~ PheNaxKian talk 11:27, 16 March 2012 (UTC)
The makes sure every skill icon is changed to flare! And of course make sure the text flashes bright green! Frostels 11:32, 16 March 2012 (UTC)
give me access to the js files for one day and i promise i'll provide awesome returns. Danny 22:05, 16 March 2012 (UTC)
This is a very serious issue, Phenaxkian. --DANDY ^_^ -- 23:37, 16 March 2012 (UTC)

Big grey banner up there.

There's a grammar mistake. It is supposed to be "its", not it's, since it implies ownership. Just like hers, or his, or theirs. 08:08, 20 March 2012 (UTC)

Fixed. -- Toraen confer 11:46, 20 March 2012 (UTC)

Updated Files

Everything in the skill images+thumbnails folders, and skill db 1 and skillname db. Also, if you made any changes to other files to get them to work with MW 1.18 then remember to upload them for me. Thanks in advance <3 -- Toraen confer 16:20, 23 March 2012 (UTC)

Oh, and recent and user ratings have had a fix for a while that hasn't been synced, but I don't know if you've made any changes to the live versions in the meantime. -- Toraen confer 16:33, 23 March 2012 (UTC)
Just anet fucking with you: illusion of pain (pvp) is back to 10 energy now.-- Chieftain Alex 19:07, 23 March 2012 (UTC)
Aaugh! Fixed. -- Toraen confer 20:09, 23 March 2012 (UTC)
lolgw. Danny 08:09, 24 March 2012 (UTC)

Do you have time to get the files synced? They've been sitting for a while. -- Toraen confer 01:11, 19 April 2012 (UTC)

extension stuff

Sync it up! 00:07, 23 April 2012 (UTC)

Working on it. Synced on my end, asked Curse to push to Dev so I can just check and make sure nothing breaks (which it shouldn't, but it never hurts). ~ PheNaxKian talk 17:07, 23 April 2012 (UTC)

Curse Footer

Is it supposed to say "Guild Wiki content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of NCsoft or its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. and is not affiliated with NCsoft.", or has that just blatantly been copied from another site? Cɥıǝɟʇɐıu Alǝx 16:16, 4 May 2012 (UTC)

Mentioned. Also, just got an Email from Tim @ Curse saying the skill updates should go live next week. ~ PheNaxKian talk 19:14, 4 May 2012 (UTC)

I heard it was your Birthday

Birthday Present.png Happy birthday man. ^ Cɥıǝɟʇɐıu Alǝx 20:21, 16 May 2012 (UTC)

That better not be a 7th year birthday present--Relyk 20:25, 16 May 2012 (UTC)
Everybody loves birthday wishes! Good luck getting older! PeW :> 20:29, 16 May 2012 (UTC)
Just be glad you don't have to babysit him relyk ^______^ They.jpg 21:28, 16 May 2012 (UTC)
I just love the fact my GWW talk page has a happy birthday section for3 of the last 4 years.
Thanks all <3. ~ PheNaxKian talk 21:30, 16 May 2012 (UTC)
Ups. Happy belated bday then :D Falrach 08:03, 17 May 2012 (UTC)

Page Views

Any way you can install this/make it happen? Would be cool (and educating) to see what pages/builds get views. ~Soi_ɹәʞɔ!ʇs 04:21, 17 May 2012 (UTC)

Sure. Remind me on Monday, don't have access to my computer (with all the Wiki stuff on) at the moment. Leaving this for me. ~ PheNaxKian talk 10:44, 17 May 2012 (UTC)


4 years later.... still here? xD (forgot pass to Steve account or Caboose (whichever it was)) Stevo 07:39, 3 December 2012 (UTC)

Ish. I check the wiki once a week to make sure it's not on fire but that's about it (unless I get poked about something but given everyone's moved on to GW2 I rarely get poked about here!) ~ PheNaxKian talk 13:01, 5 December 2012 (UTC)
*poke* gw2wiki is a really poor substitute for pvxwiki as it turns out. People are serious as fuck.--Relyk 06:48, 10 December 2012 (UTC)
They're all retarded WoWfags that feel entitled to destroy the wiki. *cough* ARMOND *COUGH* *COUGH* They.jpg 10:15, 10 December 2012 (UTC)
I don't touch the wiki tbh. I go on to check something if I need som information, but since launch I think I've edited one article, and that was to create it because there was bugger all out about it (vial of mist essence iirc. Got one in fractles but there was no information about what it was used for =v). I just check the GW2 subreddit each day for info and that's about it.
In general I can't stand the attitude of the community on pretty much any of the GW2 fan sites (reddit is all whining and the official forums are just "OMG WHY IS THIS INSIGNIFICANT THING BROKE! FIX NOW OR I'M QUITTING FOREVER!!1!1!!!one!!!1!") ~ PheNaxKian talk 14:23, 10 December 2012 (UTC)
I didn't bother buying the new guild wars. Knowing it would be buggy as hell and so op/up out of control as heck, I looked for different games. People on those forums, whenever I feel like fucking around on gw2 wiki, are serious as fuck since they think they are on the same level as the top of those that "professionaly" played GW1, but all are the same dumb dipshits. Even I know that, while not bothering playing. And I foresaw that whenever they started promoting it... Anyways, hi -- Green Shadow Green 17:22, 10 December 2012 (UTC)
Amen to all of this. Everyone takes themselves far too seriously on the gw2 wiki/forums. They ignore the bigger issues and are all really whiny when pointing out the small things.--Ultimak719LIKE A BOSS! 21:08, 10 December 2012 (UTC)
I don't know why people still bitch about the game being "buggy as hell" in its current state. It's like they didn't play the initial release. Anet constantly addresses bugs and exploits and have pretty much fixed all the bugs I encountered while doing 100% world completion, so I am happy to not give a fuck about minor bugs that pop up. I can't even bitch about skills because they fixed bugs and exploits I noticed or friends would bitch about (e.g. rask about thieves) in the next update. --Relyk 20:08, 11 December 2012 (UTC)
Yeah, I can't say I've come across that many bugs recently. Most major ones have been resolved as far as I know (connection issues at early access, TP issue at launch and bugged DE's (there's a couple still but not like it used to be)). On the whole I've been pleased with ANet's response to issues. They've always been communicating about stuff, they've had reasonable response time to issues (not always as fast as most would like, but not left forever), I've been pleasantly pleased with the whole experience, and a friend who played the trial weekend has decided they're getting GW2 at Christmas, which I can only take as a good thing. ~ PheNaxKian talk 00:18, 12 December 2012 (UTC)
Oh, I just remembered WvWvW culling issue. That's perhaps the biggest issue currently (that I can think of), which they're looking into and I can imagine being a massive pain to try and think of a solution, let alone fix. ~ PheNaxKian talk 00:21, 12 December 2012 (UTC)
Real life priorities are over-powered. I sort of wish I could be complaining about the game, no joke. Getting fit plus college overrides gaming. :\ Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 15:38, 15 December 2012 (UTC)


Did you ever upgrade to skype? I stopped using msn ages ago and I need someone in a different time zone to talk about animu and stuff. Wizkid tends to be asleep a few hours after I wake up. They.jpg 13:11, 14 August 2013 (UTC)